Students participate in weekly Spanish lessons using the online learning platform Meg.

Using video conference technology, our students connect to their Spanish instructor from the otherside of the globe at the same times each week for live and interactive lessons.

The program is also supported by our classroom teachers, who support the students to consolidate and practise the Spanish language throughout the week.

The Meg program is designed to inspire and supports our school community to become global citezens.


Panmure Primary School Student Voice:

"I really enjoy being able to chat to my Spanish teacher about what it is like to live in Spain".

" I like how we learn Spanish vocabulary that we can use in every day conversation".

" I love how our Spanish teacher shows us live videos of their neghbourhood in Spain"

" My favourite thing about our Spanish lessons is learning about the different foods and festivals in Spain and working with my friends to research more about them".




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