Student Leadership

Students have the opportunity to develop their leadership ability by taking on roles and responsibilities in their particular area of interest. These areas include ambassadorship, community engagement, fund raising, bus safety, music, sport and the environment. Leadership roles include School Captains, Music Captain, Sports Captain and Environment Captain.


As well as our elected leaders, all our Grade 3-6 students take on a leadership role, by assisting the elected captain with their various roles. Students strive to develop their leadership skills, display initiative, set a good example for others and promote our values at school and in the wider community. Our leaders also play a major role in ensuring our Grade Prep-2 students feel safe and cared for at school by assisting them to experience positive social interactions, by taking an interest in their well-being and by modelling good behaviours.


2022 School Captains:

Eliza Goodall and Lily Shand


2022 Sports Captain:

Harry Wiffrie and Nazrah Bushell


2022 Music Captains: Melody Grinton and Maggie Shand


2022 Environmental Captains: Tillie Gammon and Oliver Goodall



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